Overview of Textile Management Software System

The “Textile Management System” is about storing all the stock information and processing information of the concern. Stock information includes raw material details as well as finished goods details.

This project is splitted into two files, i.e., master file and transaction file. The master file composed of non-frequent altered items. The transaction file contains frequently altered The items involved are, maintaining the stock details such as Raw material details, Item details, Supplier details, Purchase details, Sales details and their Bills. By maintaining the above-mentioned details reports are generated, which are frequently required by the organization and thus making the work simple.

The report is generated using Crystal report utility in Visual Basic 2008.Crystal report designer is a versatile generator that reaches the ability to create hierarchical reports used in conjunction with the data source. Due to Crystal Reports this project comprises of efficient reports.


● Order Receiving Details
● Purchase Details
● Processing Details
● Production Details
● Warehouse Details
● Transport Details
● Shipment Details
● Billing


● As the proposed system is system oriented it is faster than the manual process.
● Large volumes of data can be stored with case.
● Security is assured.
● Maintenance of file is flexible.
● Records stored are updated now and then.
● Stored data and procedures can be easily edited.
● Reports can be generated with case.
● Accurate calculations are made.
● Less manpower required.

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