This is where an employee's payslips are generated. It lists the basic CTC and information about other allowances and bonuses. All these are calculated and the payslip for that month is generated. The required data is generated based on selection criteria.Details of Loans and advances can be maintained.

All the information for bank transfers is also recorded.A configurable journal voucher generation tool enlists necessary details after filling the company ID, financial year, payroll month, payroll year, payheads, costs, amount of vouchers that are credited and debited, etc. It has auto integration with ERP making it easy to use.

Key Features:

  • ● Automatic ESI calculation.

  • ● ESI return filling.

  • ● Maintain all Accounts automatically.

  • ● Traverse through any financial year.

  • ● Automatic calculation of Bonus under rule 4(D)

  • ● Automatic PF calculation

  • ● Automatic filling PF return.

  • ● Allow to add/ update staff / employee and calculates salary for them.

  • ● Handle multiple companies with multiple financial years.

  • ● Automatic updating data.

Security Features:

  • ● Data secrecy

  • ● Intelligent validation for each entry.

  • ● Password facility to ensure validity of user

  • ● User defined data access.

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