Offshore Management System

Rosix is Touching all four corners of your business. It will help you automate and streamline business processes and support the supply of assets with our range of offshore software services. Improve your organisational efficiency and profitability with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that provides clear indications of cost and the ability to monitor assets in real-time with us.

Offshore Software Services
How do you design, implement, re-engineer, develop, support and maintain your application software? All by yourself? Or with the help of experienced experts? How well do you measure your projects? Based on their achievement of quality, productivity and schedule goals? How do you ensure that best practices are incorporated, at all times, in your software development? The costs of not doing this could be enormous to your organisation and success.

Rosix provides application software development services that span the entire project life cycle. From requirements analysis, design, development, testing to integration, delivery, implementation and client support. Rosix also helps you transform existing applications into state-of-the-art technology platforms, rendering the applications future-proof and adaptable to the changing needs of the business. When it comes to technology skills, engineering and management frameworks, methodologies, processes and tools for the travel, transportation and logistics, we have few equals. Small wonder then, we’ve successfully implemented over hundred projects of various complexities in these and allied domains.

Offshore Software Solutions
Rosix's offshore software solutions are designed to cater for every aspect of the administration and management of entities including companies, trusts, partnerships, foundations and funds.
Rosix partner with ViewPoint, a fully integrated entity and wealth management solution used by over 700 users in over throughout the offshore world.

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