Powerful Offline NBFC Software for Banks

NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) in India engaged in the principal business of advances and loans, acquisition of shares/ debentures/ bonds/ stocks/ securities that are issued by the Government or local authority like hire-purchase, nature, insurance business, leasing, chit business but does not involved in any institution or organization whose main business is of industrial, agriculture, purchase or sale activities of any products, goods or providing any construction services of immovable property. NBFC is a company and has principal business of receive deposits under the scheme in one lump-sum or installments by way of contributions or in any other manner.

Core features of User Friendly NBFC software

  • ● Easy NBFC management system
  • ● Penalty/ late fee calculation
  • ● Loan management system
  • ● Easy Installment deposit and many more
  • ● Important Reports for NBFC Software
  • ● Installment Deposited
  • ● Upcoming Due Installment
  • ● Policy Allotment
  • ● Loan Payments
  • ● Monthly Statement
  • ● Agent Commission Statement

Advantages of NBFC Software

  • ● Complete web based Real Time Software
  • ● Embedded with real time Mobile SMS and Email system
  • ● Provide high return on investment as compared to other software
  • ● Customized NBFC software
  • ● Robust system being tested for Millions of record
  • ● Facilitate exporting of records in Excel, Word, and PDF.

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