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Inventory Management SOftware

Save Time and Effort With our Inventory Management Software

RT Invenry Control Management

Our inventory management software is a High level based inventory, products sales, purchasing and management system designed for small to medium business. It addresses all of the warehouse needs from products purchasing, sales order, inventory management, inventory return to vendors process,customer recall, product's ATP and CTP information, customers and suppliers management.

Project Details

  • Online and Offline Software both are Available
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Inventory Management Features

Simple Inventory

Generate your inventory list, with Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) modeling feature in our company. We calculate the re-order point and get the optimal order quantities by using built in EOQ model.

Easy To Finance

Accounting manager, generate accounting receivable and payable forms, inventory value and sales income balance sheet for business owner to review their current FINANCIAL situation.

Help to Purchase Order

Our System will help you generate the purchase order and add the new arrival items to the inventory list. It also saves all your suppliers information and their products list in supplier's information database.

RMA recall management

Products RMA recall management, we update the inventory level after received the RMA update, and re-calculate inventory level based on these data.

Generate Cost Comparison Report

Generate the cost comparison report for you to review the products cost from different suppliers on each order you made and help you cut down next time order cost in this software.

Easily Generate Report

You can easily generate the report for all sales record, purchase order record, inventory list records based on your need.