Dairy Management Software

Software Profile:
Rosix Dairy Software is sophisticated Windows based software for Dairy Management & Accounting. Rosix Dairy Software is a software package designed to work on with a 32-bit operating system.

It provides a time saving & efficient tool for the Dairy industry. Its programming API is built specifically to offer high-speed inter-processing, scalability, reliability and fault tolerance. It takes care of the daily chores of the dairy industry thus eliminating the human errors. Rosix Dairy Software also provides a function rich reporting facility. This allows users to produce operational and specific detailed level summary reports.

This product comes in as a bundle of four:
• Milk Collection Module
• Financial Accounting Module
• Animal Husbandary
• Data Maintenance Module

Milk Collection Module :
This supports offline collection. Manual mode & other modes are also available for user. User specific & desired Reports are generated automatically on entering of collection entries, bill deduction entries, milk sales entries.

Rosix Dairy Software's Complete Milk Management software system provides tracking and traceability for incoming milk from both farms and cooperatives. Our modules include: lab collection, producer payroll, cooperative equity, liquid procurement, liquid sales, liquid scheduling, software producer access, and producer text portal.

Rosix Dairy Software also is aware that some companies may require specific applications to meet their producer and cooperatives' needs. Our software can also provide custom applications to fit those requirements. Our complete milk management software system is 100% FMO compliant, and will speed up your reporting to the MARKET administrator.

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