What is Custom Development Software?

Rosix customization service includes alteration and tailoring of existing functionality for all official releases of Rosix Technology. This is the most popular development service related to our product. During several years of communication with our clients, we created a scheme which, as shown by feedback of our clients, is very convenient for project implementation and testing.

Rosix customization project consists of several stages:

1. Project discussion and evaluation
Upon receiving your request, one of our sales representatives involves into communication with you and settles all the details of desired functionality and your situation. During discussion of project specification our sales manager will help you to make an exact list of requirements which will include every detail that is necessary to create great software. After details are settled, sales representative will inform you about the cost of your project and the exact timeframe for performing custom programming and software. Upon your agreement, we issue an invoice for you to make a payment for the project (please note that preliminary discussion of your task is free of charge).

2. Development & Quality Assurance
After the invoice is payed, our engineers start working on the software development itself. To make sure that the software development process won't affect the proper functionality of your existing offline store. It also allows us to demonstrate the new functionality so you could examine how your store will look like and make any comments or request changes if necessary required. Also, during development the engineers are accessible via HelpDesk system for any questions from your side.

3. Installation to a live store
Next, after receiving your approval, we upload modifications onto your live store of software. This process also includes careful testing of new features and basic store functionality. After testing, we inform you on completion, wait for your approval and possible comments.

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