Cash Management Software

At Cashbook we believe the best solutions are the simply to use. Once you are trained to make an Electronic Payment in Cashbook software, you can rapidly be able to pick up Accounts Receivable processing and Bank Reconciliation processes.

Bank Independence:
At Cashbook we have completed different bank interfaces. This is very important because if customer change his bank, or his bank changes it's format we can provide customer with a new bank interface inhours othervise days, not weeks. If customer have a complex highly automated lockbox solution customer are not going to want to tie this into a specific bank. Our solution is independent of the bank customer are currently with.

Cashbook solutions are modular:
Some Cashbook users run lockbox and security, others bank reconciliation, others so ACH while many more users use all Cashbook modules. After one module our customers feel they want to build upon their success,grow his company and consider other modules. This is where things get interesting. There is no reinstallation, no costly re-implementation process, and very limited additional training. This ensures users can be up and running on different Cashbook processes in hours, days rather than weeks.

Support and Maintenance:
All of our modules are being continually developed software. Every day we add new enhancements, features and reports to give greater control and functionality to our user and customer base. Clients can be emailed keeping your team up-to-date with the very latest functionality.
ERP Independence:
We are expanding our ERP knowledge base continuously. Each new ERP interface has new challenges but these are overcome with our ERP mapping tools and utilizing ERP batch processing routines to update back into the ERP system should the business process require this.

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