Office Management Software

This module,Office Management, is based on previous sessions conducted under some rules of customer requirement, which covered all the necessary office management procedures and activities required to improve officers’ skills in the subject area. was provided on how to treat the citizens as customers and how to provide customer oriented services at the office.

What is Inside this Module?
These Management modules can be used by different users, ranging from beginners to practitioners, and from those working in Office to those working as partners in office.

The Office Management module provides learning materials and exercises on how to efficiently and effectively manage an office and covers a range of subject areas e.g. personnel management, office layout, developing procedures and processes, ethical behaviour etc.

The Main Objectives of this Module
• To provide guidance to the officials who engage in office management for Office.
• To provide knowledge, skills and tools in office management activities in a systematic manner.
• To assist office to deliver efficient and effective services, by ensuring better office management.
• To assist office to adopt new methods and techniques in office management.

How to Use this Module
The resources in this publication may be used:
• To enhance knowledge in this specific topic.
• To share the knowledge with others.
• To support a programme and awareness campaigns.
• To improve the existing system and performance monitoring.

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